Illuminate is designated to reach children, Kindergarten- 1st grade, and “illuminate” them with the truth of God’s Word. Our teachers keep the lessons fun, creative, and easy to understand, but still jam-packed with the light of Jesus. Regardless of your child’s faith background, they will build a foundation of faith in God to grow on. 

Lil’ All Stars, our Preschool class, provides a fun learning atmosphere with age-appropriate lessons and activities to reinforce what children have learned. Children are introduced to major Biblical accounts (Creation, Noah’s ark, Jonah and the Great Fish, the life of Jesus), as well as spiritual principles (God’ love, kindness, protection, and forgiveness) that will give them an excellent foundation to grow in the knowledge of God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

Spark is our dedicated class for 2nd and 3rd grade students. In this class, children are challenged to allow God to spark “passion, energy, and love for Jesus Christ” in their hearts. This is done through a deeper, yet age-appropriate, teaching of God’s Word, prayer, and application of Biblical truths in their lives. Spark takes the foundation of faith your child has learned at home and/or at church and adds a new layer to build upon. 

Ignite is for our 4th and 5th grade students. Through consistent teaching and application of the Bible, children are taught to put their knowledge into action and to “be the light in the darkness” as Jesus commanded His followers. This final phase of Children’s Church will equip your child with both the knowledge and the experience to support their faith in the Lord and allow the fire of that faith to be ignited for a lifetime.


Elizabeth Driscoll

Children's Director